2. Aoi likes Hiroto.
    Sota likes Rin.
    Haruto likes Sota.
    Mei likes Aoi.
    Hiroto likes Aoi and Minato.
    Rin likes Haruto and Yui.
    Minato and Yui don’t like anybody.

    Hiroto and Aoi could be good together but Hiroto is too busy chasing after Minato.

    Minato just wishes everybody could play video games together and be happy.

    Rin and Haruto are friends but Rin wants it to be more than that. Haruto convinces Rin to go out with Sota but in the end it just makes Haruto jealous and Rin and Sota both unhappy. Yui is sorry the Rin and Sota thing didn’t work out but at least while it was going on Rin gave her a little space.

    Mei tried to kiss Aoi once at a party but they were both drunk and in the morning Aoi pretended not to remember.

    (Source: “Fabulous Japanese Poster Explains Sexual Orientation to School Children”)

  3. People don’t become crackpots because they’re stupid; they become crackpots because they turn their smarts to crazy purposes.
    Sean Carroll, “The Varieties of Crackpot Experience
  4. moon indifference and eternal revenge, that’s our platform
    Dirtbag John Milton,” Mallory Ortberg
  6. A Sylistic Survey of Graphic Design, 1820-Present
  7. Berlin, August 2008

    Berlin, August 2008

  8. (Waiting outside the café as DAVID arrives is a MAN with a Razor scooter, in a red baseball cap and dark blue sweats, carrying a bicycle helmet and a Kryptonite U-bar lock. Strung about the man’s person are a second bicycle helmet, a small satchel and a DSLR camera with the lens cap off. A BARISTA comes out carrying the cafe’s sandwich board.)

    BARISTA: You guys can go ahead in, I just need to put this up.

    DAVID (holding café door, to MAN): After you.

    MAN (diffidently): After four murders, man, I don’t know…

    (DAVID smiles wider and continues to hold door. Realizing DAVID isn’t going to go first, the MAN picks up his scooter and goes into the café.)

    MAN (over shoulder, to DAVID, quiet and earnest): Can bring them back to life, you know. Just gotta dig up the bodies. I’m thinkin’ about it.

    DAVID (sympathetically): All right.

  9. the-uncomfortable:

uncomfortable rainboots
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    uncomfortable rainboots

    © 2012 Katerina Kamprani - all rights reserved